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Is it a swivel or is it a captive eye connector? In fact, it's both. The Sidewinder is a directional connector with an integral swivel. Essential in applications when there is a need to manage spin, rotate the load relative to the anchor or simply to minimise lanyard tangles. The Sidewinder is often used as a connector on guided fall arresters as it can be captive on a system, allows rotation by the user and is quick, easy and secure when connected.

NB. Cosmetic Seconds are factory outlet versions of the same product provided direct to us from DMM. The items are fully functional and safe to use but have some cosmetic blemish or misprint that stops them being sold as normal retail stock. An opportunity to grab a bargain!




• Weight: LS 235g / ANSI 259g
• Gate Opening: LS 20mm / ANSI 15mm
• Dimensions: 70x205mm
• MBS (Major axis): 25kN
• MBS (Minor axis): ANSI 16kN

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