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Warrior Crash Pad

Warrior Crash Pad

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Named after the warrior planet, Mars, the Warrior bouldering crash pad is engineered from the highest quality closed-cell and open-cell foams enclosed within an ultra hardwearing 600D ripstop polyester outer shell. Also featuring a non-slip base, an ergonomic rucksack carrying system, the Warrior Pad truly excels at providing you landing protection that is comfortable and practical.

All Moon Climbing pads feature our innovative taco style folding system that keeps the dirty side of the pad on the inside during transportation, and also provides an even landing surface with no creases. The base of the Warrior Pad has a non-slip designed to minimise the chance of your pad slipping out from underneath you during landing. This feature is particularly useful if you need to stack multiple Moon Climbing pads on top of each other.

The carry straps, which are located on the landing side, are covered by the velcro foot mat when the pad is in use. When the pad is folded, this velcro foot mat wraps under the bottom of the pad, allowing you to carry items inside the pad whilst in transit.



• Single sheet of closed cell foam (25mm) on top of a single sheet of open cell foam (95mm)
• Anti crease reverse system (for a seamless landing surface) with waist belt and protective flap
• Reconfigured carrying system now includes chest harness
• Top and side grab handles
• Aluminium buckles
• Anti-slip base fabric
• Carpet foot mat
• Screen printed branding on landing surface


• Weight: 6kg
• Dimensions: 130x100x11cm
• P600D with PU coating

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