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Wall Master 6 Unicore

Wall Master 6 Unicore

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Specifically designed for climbing walls, this rope is characterized by its thick and smooth sheath which allows a good resistance to top roping and repeated small falls. Its sheath remains flexible and its slippage is severely limited thanks to the addition of UNICORE technology, which binds the core and sheath of the rope. This process gives your rope increased strength and durability over time.


• Flexible
• Good resistance to heavy use
• Range: Public Authorities
• Material: Polyamide
• Unicore
• Single rated
• Colour: Blue
• Sold per metre


• Impact Force: 8.4kN
• Sheath slippage: 0mm
• Dynamic elongation: 36%
• Static Elongation: 8.5%
• Percentage of sheath: 47%
• Diameter: 10.5mm

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