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Vertical One

Vertical One

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The Verticalboard One is the flagship product of the range. It is adapted to support the climber over the long term in carrying out ever more motivating projects. It combines versatility, comfort and progressiveness with its 15 different grips, its central handle and its 10mm magnetic wedges (included). This beam will introduce you to specific holds (two-fingers, inclined rulers) offering a complete and relevant workout.

The central handle allows one-armed work and is particularly suitable as a point of attachment for an elastic band for doing different exercises or unloading.

It also has a system of magnetic wedges reducing the depth of the sockets by 10mm. Afraid of losing the wedges? No problem, you can store them on the magnetic supports located on each side of the beam.

The Verticalboard One is ideal for training for everyone and without limits!


• 1 beam + 2 wedges + 8 screws
• Perfect for warming up and progressive strength training
• Suitable for all abilities
• Made from Poplar wood


• Dimensions: 620*130*55 mm
• Sockets: 45mm, 25mm, 20mm, 18mm
• Sockets + wedges: 35mm, 15mm, 10mm, 8mm - Inclined sockets: 25mm / 30°
• Bi-fingers: 50mm, 30mm
• Flats: 35°, 20°
• 2 Bins + central handle
• Weight: 1230g

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