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Climbing Technology



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System composed of a Nimble Tricky carabiner, semi-rigid 35cm polyamide sling and FIXIT rubber pad.

The Tricky is a useful tool that allows you to easily clip a distant anchor, not reachable at arm's length.
Thanks to the long webbing and the Tricky lever system integrated into the body of the carabiner, the system allows you to clip a distant anchor. This is thanks to the carabiner lever which is kept open and releases automatically once the system is loaded downwards.
The slot in the lower part of the sling allows you to grip the system to reset easily.

The Tricky can be carried comfortably on a harness thanks to the flexible webbing, which allows the length of the system to be halved and its size reduced.

Attention: the Tricky system is not a progression quickdraw, but a system for aid climbing: to progress beyond the anchor it is absolutely necessary to replace it with a progression quickdraw.


• Tricky carabiner
• 35cm polyamide sling
• Fixit rubber pad


• Breaking load: 22kN
• Length: 35cm
• Weight: 90g

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