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Wild Country

Superlight Offset Rock

Superlight Offset Rock

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The latest offset gear to add to your rack, lightweight and well shaped they'll add placements and reduce the load.

Less is more. Subtle, superlight and secure, Superlight Offset Rocks are by far the lightest passive pro per size in the world. Simple, yet incredibly effective, they combine the proven curve of Rocks with a radical side taper that adds a new dimension to protection.

Intuitive and easy to place, they're perfect for trimming a rack without cutting down options. An instant classic, and a big hit with our testers, all that's missing from these slimline superstars is weight.


• Offset tapered sides
• Thinner wire
• 7075 alloy for easier removal
• Classic Wild Country curve
• Colour coded anodizing


• Size 5: 20.8g, 7kN, 12.5x6mm
• Size 6: 23.9g, 7kN, 14.5x7mm
• Size 7: 23.9g, 7kN, 16x7mm
• Size 8: 27g, 7kN, 18x8mm
• Size 9: 30.9g, 7kN, 20.5x9.5mm
• Size 10: 36.4g, 9kN, 23x10mm

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