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Spirit 6-Pack

Spirit 6-Pack

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Pack of 6 SPIRIT bent gate carabiners

Known for being lightweight and versatile, the SPIRIT carabiner is the benchmark for sport and multi-pitch climbs. The bent gate design optimizes clipping and unclipping the rope. The Keylock system prevents the carabiner from snagging when clipping and unclipping. Its standard size doesn’t compromise on weight; in fact, its excellent weight-to-performance ratio means you can take it with you on different types of terrain. The pack contains six SPIRIT bent gate carabiners of different colours (grey, violet, green, red, yellow, and blue), to match different cam and nut sizes.


• Easy to clip and unclip:
- Keylock system is designed to avoid snagging on a gear loop, bolt hanger, or rope
- Straight gate design offers an excellent grip and makes clipping and unclipping easier
- Bent gate design allows you to efficiently clip the rope
- Flat carabiner spine offers excellent stability when holding it in your hand or pinch clipping
• Excellent weight-to-performance ratio: standard-sized, lightweight, and compact carabiner, weighing only 37 g
• Versatile:
- Easier to grab and clip for sport climbing
- Lightweight for multi-pitch climbs
- Easy to use with gloves
• Available in six colours to match different nut and cam sizes: grey, violet, green, red, yellow, and blue


• Weight: 37g
• Dimensions: 57x94mm
• Major Axis: 23kN
• Minor Axis: 7kN
• Open Gate: 8kN
• Six Pack of Spirit bent gate carabiners
• Gate Opening: Straight 21mm, Bent 24mm
• Material(s): Aluminium
• Certification(s): CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA

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