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Shadow Straight Gate

Shadow Straight Gate

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Due to its relatively low weight, the Shadow gives you the edge when onsight sport climbing. This also means the Shadow is good for sport climbers who occasionally go trad climbing but don’t want a second set of quickdraws

Areas where the Shadow hangs on bolts have been reinforced with extra metal to resist bolt damage. A clean nose reduces snagging and makes stripping steep routes easier, improving security and functionality

The Shadow’s straight gate features thumb grips that make it easier to open, while its broad base gives plenty of room for racking gear.

NB. Cosmetic Seconds are factory outlet versions of the same product provided direct to us from DMM. The items are fully functional and safe to use but have some cosmetic blemish or misprint that stops them being sold as normal retail stock. An opportunity to grab a bargain!



• Weight: 42g
• Dimensions: 58x102mm
• Major Axis: 24kN
• Minor Axis: 9kN
• Gate Open: 10kN
• Gate Opening: 20mm
• Certification: EN 12275:2013 B, UIAA121:2009 Class B

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