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Sarken (2023)

Sarken (2023)

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Technical mountaineering crampons

The climber’s secret weapon for technical terrain. With vertical, toothed front points, SARKEN crampons provide superior penetration on hard ice, while also providing solid purchase in snow. The distribution of its 12 points provides stability and bite on low angles, as well as steeper terrain. The LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding system is designed to fit boots with heel welts.


• Technical front points make it ideal for technical mountaineering:
- Two toothed, vertical front points for better bite on ice and mixed terrain
- Distribution of points provides excellent purchase on soft ice or hard snow
- LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL binding system is designed to fit boots with heel welts
- Bi-position linking bars, for a large range of boot sizes (from 36 to 50)
- Tool-free length adjustment
- Steel crampons for maximum durability
• Comfortable when walking:
- 12-point crampons for better bite and comfort when walking
- Point length is optimized for precise placements, while providing effective traction
- ANTISNOW system helps limit snow buildup in a variety of snow conditions
• The ALPEN ADAPT system makes it completely modular:
- FIL or FIL FLEX bindings are designed to fit the front of a variety of different boots (with or without toe welts)
- Front sections, linking bars, antibott system, and bindings can be replaced separately
- Compatible with the IRVIS front sections to convert them into classic mountaineering or ski touring crampons


• Weight: FIL 872g, FIL FLEX 902g
• Number of points: 12
• Boot sizes: 36-50
• Certification(s): CE, UKCA, UIAA

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