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Ropeman Mk2

Ropeman Mk2

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Now reworked with forged sideplates the Ropeman 2 is neater in the hand, a touch lighter and with better internal radii it has a smoother function across a broader range of carabiners.

Built with a stainless steel cam, the Ropeman 2 works with a wide range of rope diameters and has become ‘standard issue’ for many mountaineering and crag activities. Recent upgrades include forged side plates, making the product lighter and providing a better internal radius for smooth operation across a broader range of carabiners. From self-rescue and cliff rescue to mouflage and more, these mini-marvels have been well proven in the field.


• Compact rope ascender 
• Ideal for quick hauls and rescues with minimal kit
• Auto blocker in crevasse rescue systems 
• Toothed cam will work on dirty wet + icy ropes 
• Rust free design using stainless steel and aluminium 
• Works with most carabiners
• Colour: Gold


• Weight: 92g
• Rope Range: 8-13mm

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