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Wild Country

Rock on Wire Classic 1-10

Rock on Wire Classic 1-10

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Keeping the shape, curve and solidity of a classic design, Classic Rocks are perfect beginners’ tools. The original Rock design is available in a set of 1-10 (un-anodised). Classic Rocks are perfect beginners’ tools, they keep the shape, curve and solidity of a classic design and are a great introduction to the Wild Country range.


• Un-anodised classic finish
• Passive protection
• Wired
• Set of 1-10


• Size 1: 16g, 7kN, 7x13mm
• Size 2: 25g, 10kN, 8.2x13.8mm
• Size 3: 28g, 10kN, 9.6x14.5mm
• Size 4: 30g, 10kN, 11.3x15.3mm
• Size 5: 32g, 10kN, 13.3x16.8mm
• Size 6: 36g, 10kN, 15.6x19mm
• Size 7: 38g, 10kN, 18.4x21.2mm
• Size 8: 47g, 12kN, 21.6x24mm
• Size 9: 60g, 12kN, 24.4x27.7mm
• Size 10: 71g, 12kN, 30x31mm

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