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Revolver Rig

Revolver Rig

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A connector with an integrated pulley sheave. It features a high efficiency roller bearing sheave(s), threaded removable captive bar and a full strength textile friendly becket.

The uniquely profiled spine and captive bar aid in maintaining correct orientation.

The design of the Revolver Rig is such that when using a connector attached to the becket any friction between the connector and rope is minimised.

NB. Cosmetic Seconds are factory outlet versions of the same product provided direct to us from DMM. The items are fully functional and safe to use but have some cosmetic blemish or misprint that stops them being sold as normal retail stock. An opportunity to grab a bargain!



• Weight: 203g
• Dimensions: 76x161mm
• Major Axis: 25kN
• Minor Axis: 7kN
• Gate Open: 7kN
• WLL: 5kN
• Certification: EN12278:2007, EN362:2004 B/T

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