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Wild Country



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The first bi-directional belay device with a backup. Whether you are a seasoned climber or roping up for the first time, the REVO makes belaying simple, safe, and more intuitive.

Brake assist operates in both directions; This feature eliminates one of the most common causes of belay related accidents; when a belayer loads the rope into the device in the wrong direction. The rope can be loaded into the REVO in either direction and in the event of an uncontrolled fall or descent the inertia reel mechanism activates, gripping the rope and arresting the fall.

Panic proof locking mechanism; Handle the rope, not the device. The innovative panic proof locking mechanism (pat. pending) removes the necessity for a lever to release the rope when lowering the climber. This means that the REVO's mechanism cannot be accidentally overridden and held open. The device is intuitive to use like a traditional belay plate making it suitable for both the novice and expert climber alike.

Smooth lowering; The design of the REVO allows the climber to be lowered smoothly and consistently. You control the rope in the same way as instructed with a belay plate and with the protection of a backup locking mechanism.


• Handles like a tube style belay device 
• Auto-locking inertia reel backup
• Panic proof mechanism
• Bi-Directionally Loading 
• Smooth Consistent Lowering
• Compatible with any Karabiner to EN 12275
• Colour: Gunmetal/Tangerine
• No carabiner included


• Weight: 285g
• Rope range: 8.5-11mm

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