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Climbing Technology

Pillar Steel Oval

Pillar Steel Oval

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A zinc-plated steel carabiner available as a snapgate or screwgate, designed for lowering, working at height, industrial safety and rescue.


• Great strength and durability, high work loads
• Ideal for lowering, working at height, hauling and rescue manoeuvers
• Zinc-plated finish prevents rust formation in moist environments
• Catch-free nose avoids snagging when clipping and unclipping
• Available as a Snapgate or Screwgate


• Dimensions: 110x61mm
• Gate opening: Snapgate 23mm / Screwgate 20mm
• Strength: 30kN (length) x 15kN (across) x 10kN (open)
• Weight: Snapgate 163g / Screwgate 180g

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