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Peenuts have the same asymmetrical taper as Alloy Offsets, allowing them to protect flared and irregular shaped cracks more effectively than symmetrical nuts. Their large surface area helps dissipate forces, making them suitable for protecting fragile rock.

NB. Cosmetic Seconds are factory outlet versions of the same product provided direct to us from DMM. The items are fully functional and safe to use but have some cosmetic blemish or misprint that stops them being sold as normal retail stock. An opportunity to grab a bargain!



• Size 1: 8g, 4kN, 6.5-11.5mm
• Size 2: 9g, 5kN, 6.8-12.1mm
• Size 3: 10g, 5kN, 7.8-12.7mm
• Size 4: 16g, 8kN, 8.9-13.2mm
• Size 5: 18g, 8kN, 9.2-13.9mm

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