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Oval Power 2500 Permalock

Oval Power 2500 Permalock

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Innovative screw gate carabiner with additional sleeve locking through the use of the smart PermaLock locking mechanism. Due to the integrated pressure lock, the carabiner’s rotating sleeve can be blocked and is thus secured against unintentional opening. The OVAL POWER 2500 PERMALOCK therefore combines the safety of a locking carabiner according to category 3 of the German Alpine Club (DAV) provisions with the user-friendliness of a normal screw or snap carabiner. The oval shape makes it ideal for attaching rigging plates, pulleys, and ascenders, as well as for setting up anchor points.


• Keylock closure mechanism for optimum handling when clipping and unclipping
• Oval shape for optimum gear positioning


• Fmax. major axis: 25kN
• Fmax. open : 7kN
• Fmax. minor axis : 9kN
• Width: 64mm
• Length: 110mm
• Gate opening: 20mm
• Certification : EN 12275, EN 362
• Country of origin : Taiwan
• Material : Aluminium
• Closure : PermaLock
• Carabiner shape : Oval

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