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Black Diamond

Offset Stoppers

Offset Stoppers

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A new addition to our time-tested Stoppers, the Offset Stoppers utilize offset geometry for ultra-versatility. Whether you're free climbing or aid climbing, the Offset Stoppers excel when pin scars or irregular fissures guard the summit.

Anodized by size with the same colour-code as the Stoppers, they're easily identifiable for quick and easy placements.

Each Offset Stopper is equipped with a durable, galvanized steel cable.


• Aluminium construction with a steel cable
• Offset Geometry excels in pin scars and irregular cracks
• Individually hot forged
• Colour coded for quick and easy placement
• Available in Sizes 7-11


• Size 7: 30.5g 10kN
• Size 8: 32.6g 10kN
• Size 9: 40.2g 10kN
• Size 10: 44.6g 10kN
• Size 11: 55.5g 10kN

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