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Mega Vault

Mega Vault

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Secure your largest tools

The Mega Vault is an essential harness accessory and the latest addition to the best selling DMM Vault range.

The larger and deeper basket allows for the safe and convenient storage of tools both large and small across a range of uses including tree care, many building trades and anyone that carries out rigging.

The Mega Vault can be retrofitted to almost every harness and many tool belts, with a large storage ledge for selective removal of gear and a replaceable gate keeper to hold the gate open for easy installation and removal of tools. The Mega Vault can also be fitted to vehicles and work bags for further secure storage of large items, or small ones.



• Weight: 126g
• Dimensions: 24x147x88mm
• MBS: 3kN
• WLL: 0.3kN
• Gate Opening: 46mm
• Certification: Not PPE

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