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Mega Jul Belay Kit Bulletproof Screw

Mega Jul Belay Kit Bulletproof Screw

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Belay set containing Mega Jul belay device and HMS Bulletproof Screw FG carabiner.


• Small eyelet for releasing unit with a carabiner when bringing up your partner
• For belaying a leader or bringing up 2 seconds, also suitable for abseiling
• Rope can be paid out faster to a leader by holding device in the ‘open’ position with the thumb
• Robust solid stainless steel construction
• High braking performance assists the belayer with leader falls
• Suitable for 7.8–10.5mm ropes


• Approved rope diameter: 7.8 - 10.5mm
• Certification : EN 15151-2, EN 12275
• Country of origin : Germany
• Material : Steel/ALU
• Geometric: Yes

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