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Instinct S

Instinct S

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This high performing and versatile climbing shoe is designed for steep athletic rock routes and indoor climbing in mind.

The Instinct S is the most flexible version in the Instinct collection, taking advantage of the new CTS technology.

The large rubber cover above the toe area enables powerful toe-hooking, there's an integral heel cup for sensitive heel-hooking, a slightly asymmetrical and downturned shape with a medium angled toe box for precision footwork.

A five panelled microfibre upper, REB reinforced elastic closure with seamless big toe panel and seamless four-toe panel offer the best custom moulding fit. This upper sits on a 1mm half-length Flexan insert which spreads the force in the forefoot and allows foe excellent flexibility in the rear of the shoe.

Full Ultra-sticky M50 rubber on the top of the toes and heel cup massively improve hooking and camming, and this combines perfectly with the 3.5mm three quarter length XS Grip 2 sole to offer some the highest levels of performance available on steep terrain.

Climbers that seek a versatile shoe that performs on all angles as well as varied footholds will appreciate these shoes with their balanced midsoles and active tension systems. Hooking with both the toes and especially the heels are strengths of the Instinct line.



• Last: FJ
• Sole: Vibram XS Grip 2 3.5mm
• Upper: Microfibre
• Weight: 240g half pair, size 40

Sizing Advice

• Comfort: N/A
• Regular: 0.5 down
• Aggressive: 1.0 - 1.5 down

These are just for general guidance as we can't guarantee a good fit unless you come in store, unfortunately!

If you are new to rock shoes, we HIGHLY recommend either using hire shoes for a few sessions or getting to a local shop to try some on. If that isn't possible, then give us a call or drop us an email! We can offer you a bit of advice from our years of experience.

If you are used to rock shoes, this guidance should help you to reach a good fit. This is still not guaranteed as everybody has different shaped feet: wide, narrow, high volume, low volume, long toes, short toes, bunions, heel spurs and all the rest. The very best thing to do is make your excuses and take a trip to come see us in North Wales. You can get some proper shoes, heaps of shiny kit and most importantly - out on real rock!

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