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HMS Bulletproof Belay FG Eco

HMS Bulletproof Belay FG Eco

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Highly robust belay carabiner with the proven steel insert from our Bulletproof series. The integrated spring bar reliably prevents the carabiner from twisting in the tie-in loop so as to eliminate the risk of cross loading. In addition, the bar can only be opened if pressed from above, preventing the tie-in loop from accidentally changing position. Thanks to the compact design and slide gate closure, however, the HMS BULLETPROOF BELAY ECO still has a slender profile and can be operated one-handed.


• Spring bar holds the carabiner in place when belaying to prevent cross loading
• Keylock closure mechanism for optimum handling when clipping and unclipping
• Steel insert prevents premature wear from rope friction or bolt hangers
• Eco colour version: particularly sustainable as non-anodized


• Fmax. major axis: 20kN
• Fmax. open : 7kN
• Fmax. minor axis : 8kN
• Width: 72mm
• Length: 117mm
• Gate opening: 27mm
• Certification : EN 12275
• Country of origin : Taiwan
• Material : Aluminium/Steel
• Closure : Slider
• Carabiner shape : HMS
• Bulletproof : Yes
• Not anodized : Yes

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