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Halfnuts excel in shallow placements, pin scars and situations where every gram counts.

If they look familiar it’s because they have the same tapered faces and side profile as DMM’s tried and tested Wallnuts. The reduced width makes them ideal for shallow cracks, pin scars, and situations where every gram counts. The combined weight of the 1-11 Halfnut sets are 42% lighter than the equivalent Wallnuts and they are similarly colour coded.

NB. Cosmetic Seconds are factory outlet versions of the same product provided direct to us from DMM. The items are fully functional and safe to use but have some cosmetic blemish or misprint that stops them being sold as normal retail stock. An opportunity to grab a bargain!



• Size 1: 10g, 4kN, 6.7x7.2mm
• Size 2: 10g, 4kN, 8.2x7.9mm
• Size 3: 15g, 6kN, 9.4x8.9mm
• Size 4: 16g, 6kN, 11.0x9.9mm
• Size 5: 18g, 6kN, 13.2x11.3mm
• Size 6: 21g, 6kN, 15.6x12.8mm
• Size 7: 22g, 6kN, 18.9x14.3mm
• Size 8: 25g, 7kN, 22.3x16.6mm
• Size 9: 28g, 7kN, 25.2x18.7mm
• Size 10: 39g, 9kN, 28.8x22.0mm
• Size 11: 46g, 9kN, 33.0x24.5mm

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