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G14 Spares

G14 Spares

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Spare parts for the Grivel G14 Crampon

Forged Points: Replacement points in hot forged steel for G14 crampons. Ideal when the front tips are worn out, to bring crampons back to life. The package includes 4 points.

Grivel G14 Alu Spacers: The Grivel G14 Alu Spacers and Bolts are designed to be used with the Grivel G14 crampons. You can use the G14 Alu Spacers and Bolts to replace any damaged or worn originals to maintain the integrity and high performance of your Grivel Crampons.

This package features the G14 Alu Spacers and Bolts so you can set your G14s as either mono- or bi-point. Full instructions are also included in the set but please note some tools may be required for installation.

Anti-Balling Plate G14 New: Replacement anti balling plate for recent models of G14. 




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