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British Mountaineering Council

Froggatt to Black Rocks

Froggatt to Black Rocks

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The guide has been written by some of the most active locals in all its areas and now you can tap into their special knowledge. No stone has been left unturned in the obsessive drive for top-quality information for this guide. Many routes recorded for the first time, many boulder problems discovered, all the areas gone over with a fine-toothed wire brush, metaphorically speaking.

You will never need another guide to these areas again. The photos shine like jewels in this book with great images from the best photographers. Fantastic shots from fantastic crags, but also pictures from many out-of-the-way crags and buttresses to get you exploring. Six ever-popular colour-coded bouldering circuits with plenty of surprises.

A series of Editor’s Choice selections. Historical anecdotes and original writing from some of the area’s most important figures. The new F2BR guide lays all these out on a delicious plate Where first-time visitors will find the classics and locals will find endless surprises. Where inspiration and information come together perfectly to give a lifetime’s worth of climbing.


• 100 boulder problems from V0 to V12
• 130 action photos; 6 Fontainebleau-style bouldering circuits
• Over 300 full-colour and photo topos
• Crags: Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow, Yarncliffe; Gardom’s, Birchen, Chatsworth; Cratcliffe, Robin Hood’s Stride, Rowtor, Stanton Moor; Black Rocks, Whatstandwell, Shining Cliff, Amber Valley and many more besides.


• Author: British Mountaineering Council
• No of Pages: 528
• Page Size: 130 x 190 mm
• Publisher: British Mountaineering Council
• Published Date: June 2010
• Binding: Paperback
• Illustrations: col photos and topos
• Weight: 700g

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