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Entry Ticket

Entry Ticket

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February Update: Dates confirmed as the 20th & 21st of April with backup dates of the 27th & 28th. Tickets on sale!

From the craggy peaks of the Yr Wyddfa & Glyder massif to the remote tops of the Carneddau, the esoteric peaks of the Moelwyns & Nantlle across the moorland to the mystical Rhinogs, or further still to the outlying Arenigs; all have their beauty, all have their challenges, come rain or shine none will be taken lightly. Lakes, valleys, mountains, rivers, forests and the sea. With the proximity of the ocean, the sea breezes can start from as early as 10am on some days, funnelling down the steep sided valleys to converge in some unlikely placesWill you be able to plot your route, utilising all that Eryri has to offer?

There is the opportunity to have an assistant but they cannot carry any of your flying kit. They can drive a camper or carry your tent and stove and meet you for dinner! They can help with weather forecasts, strategy and emotional support, the choice is yours. An enforced stop over at 10pm on the Saturday night gives you the choice of slumming it by getting to your Winnebago by 10pm or if you want abject decadence then bivvy out under the stars ready for the early start at 6am, it is up to you where you stay, on the hill, down in a B & B, or with your assistant in a camper. Whichever you choose you must not move from a 300m radius of your position at 10pm until 6am the next morning so don’t get caught out half way across some rocky ridge at 9.59pm!

As this is a hike and fly race based in the mountains of Snowdonia it is assumed that you have a knowledge of the mountains and what to expect when you are out and about in them. At all times you will be responsible for your own safety, whether it be flying, walking or running, you must do all activities within your abilities. If you just want to come and experience the mountains without really racing, you are more than welcome, the idea is to have fun whether you are fully committed to the win or enjoying the stunning scenery.

PLEASE NOTE by signing up for a place in the X-Eryri you are confirming that you have read ALL the rules and are happy with them.



• 1 Race Composition
• 1.1 The 2024 X-Eryri will be organised by V12 Outdoor
• 1.2 The Event Director will be Gareth Aston
• 1.3 The event will be planned for two possible weekends as stipulated in the meet details. Should the weather be such that the event has to be postponed for the first of these weekends it will automatically be re-scheduled for the second. Should both dates have to be cancelled then the competition will be postponed until the following year. The entry fee covers you for both possible event dates.
• 1.4 Should the event have to be cancelled once it has been started; due to weather conditions or other serious matters there will be no refunds. Competitors will be informed via text message and app based messages.
• 1.5 There will be no refunds should you not be able to make one of the weekends due to a previous postponement. However, if BOTH scheduled weekends are cancelled then we will keep your entry for the following year.
• 1.6 The Event Director reserves the right to exclude any pilot if he believes there is a concern & for the pilot or any other persons safety. Only in the event that this exclusion takes place before the start of the race will a full refund be given.
• 1.7 The Event Director will judge the overall conditions for the meet, however it is up to the individual pilots to consider their route, be it flying, walking or running and as to whether the conditions are suitable for their abilities. At all times throughout the duration of the event the pilot must take full responsibility for their own safety.
• 1.8 V12 Outdoor, their employees, Snowdonia Mountain Sports Ltd and their directors, race marshals and assistants and the Event Director accept no liability for any accident, loss, theft or personal injury to competitors, supporters or possessions during the event.

• 2 Registration and Entry Criteria
• 2.1 Pilots must first of all register on the V12 Outdoor Website, here you must purchase a ticket for the event. You will then receive a registration form which you must fill out and return. Once your suitability has been confirmed you will receive an E-mail endorsing your place at the event and giving instructions on what to do next. Should you, for any reason not be deemed suitable to take part in the race a full refund will be issued.
• 2.2 The entry fee is £95
• 2.3 Entries will be prioritised on a 1st come 1st served basis of the people that have purchased a ticket for the first 7 days after the event details go live. Once those initial 7 days are over it will revert to a 1st come 1st served basis of the people that have purchased a ticket and have completed their registration form.
• 2.4 There will be a maximum of 30 places for this event.
• 2.5 Pilots should hold a minimum of Pilot rating and be a BHPA member at the time of the event. Proof of this criteria will be required.
• 2.6 Pilots who are not BHPA members but have an equivalent international licence will be accepted as long as they can prove they have insurance to cover them for the event.
• 2.7 Pilots should be 18 or over at the time of the event.
• 2.8 Pilots who wish to fly a tandem at the event must have a valid tandem licence.
• 2.9 Pilots must have a form of live tracking device that they can power over the entirety of the event.
• 2.10 Pilots must have all the equipment required to compete in the race (see section 3) this equipment must be in good repair.
• 2.11 Pilots must not be taking any drugs that would impair or enhance their decision making or physical abilities at the time of and/or during the event. Nor should any illegal substance or alcohol be consumed over the duration of the event or in time leading up to the event, so that it leaves the pilot impaired in any way.
• 2.12 Each competitor may have one or more race assistants should they wish. This/these assistants may service more than one competitor (details of the assistants role can be found in section 4).
• 2.13 Competitors must make themselves familiar with the ‘no-fly/land’ zones within the competition arena. Landing in a no fly/land zone will result in disqualification.
• 2.14 Queries and questions should be directed to the Event Director,

• 3 General Race Rules
• 3.1 All pilots must fly a certified wing within its weight range when carrying all the kit that they require for the race.
• 3.2 All pilots must carry at all times, whether hiking or flying the following equipment: Certified paraglider, harness with back protector, reserve parachute, helmet, rucksack (stand alone or reversible) Live tracking device, mobile telephone, compass, whistle, torch, map/s (the map can be an alternative electronic one, but you must have either two electronic maps or one electronic and one paper map). This equipment must be provided for inspection before the race and there will be spot checks during the race to ensure compliance.
• 3.3 You may not change your kit during the race, except in the case of damage or loss, you will have to get permission from the ED before doing so though.
• 3.4 The pilot must not fly in conditions outside of their ability or skill and should be constantly aware of their level of fitness, ability and fatigue level. The pilot is ultimately responsible for all of their decision making whether it be for flying, walking or running.
• 3.5 Competitors may only travel on foot or by air with the use of their paraglider, no other mode of transportation or movement is allowed.
• 3.6 Pilots should be aware of the local airspace and the airspace which they are flying in. Any violation of airspace or air law related to paragliding will result in disqualification (dsq), this includes flying in cloud. If any pilots are seen, or reported to have flown in cloud without making immediate efforts to extricate themselves from the situation, they will be disqualified.
• 3.7 It is the responsibility of each competitor to supply a complete track log for their entire race, should this not be forthcoming then they will not be scored. The event will supply trackers and will use the information from those for scoring if possible. However, these are primarily for safety and it is the individual pilots responsibility to ensure they have a back up track log in case of supplied tracker failure.
• 3.8 It is the responsibility of the pilot to be aware of all of the rules of the competition, any queries should be directed to the ED before the race takes place. By entering the race you are accepting that you have read and understand all the rules and that you are wholly responsible for your actions. By the very nature of this event a high level of integrity and obligation are required and it is expected that there is an equal measure of responsibility levelled to ones conduct during and after the event.
• 3.9 All pilots or their supporters are expected to report in by the times specified in the briefing on the Saturday and within 45 minutes of the end of the race on the Sunday. Failure to do so, when there is not a problem, will lead to disqualification. It will also trigger the calling of search and rescue operations.
• 3.10 If a pilot wishes to retire from the race once it has started they must contact the ED first, this way their safety can be confirmed and they can then be removed from the event list.
• 3.11 In an emergency, the pilot, and or, assistant must do all that is practicable to inform the emergency services of their/the competitors predicament and situation. They must then do the same to inform the ED. At this point, or later, the ED at his discretion may cancel the race. Any competitor who helps in such a situation will be rewarded accordingly.
• 3.12 All competitors must do all they can to leave no trace of their journey on the countryside by respecting the country code and the environment. Any competitor or assistant who is found dropping litter or harming the environment wilfully will be disqualified.
• 3.13 Pilots must supply a track of their route, both in the air and on the ground. Pilots must also supply any download leads that are required for their instruments. Pilots tracks must be a minimum of 1 point per minute in the air and 1 point every 100m on the ground.
• 3.14 Penalties can be awarded at any time at the discretion of the ED for any behaviour that could be interpreted as cheating or for any actions that puts the competitors, assistants or members of the public in danger. Depending on its severity this includes disqualification.
• 3.15 It is the competitors responsibility to ensure they get a point within the radius of the turn point they are trying to tag, the radius of said points is 250m.
• 3.16 All race timings and any additional turn points or rule changes will be given at the briefing, which all pilots must attend. If for some reason you cannot attend the briefing you must contact the ED to confirm whether you can turn up at the event in the morning. You must make every effort to ascertain what has been said at the briefing from fellow pilots.
• 3.18 The race start and finish times, along with any other pertinent race details, will be given at the briefing. However, normal start is 08;30 on the Saturday and return by time is 16:00 on the Sunday.
• 3.19 You must stop travelling by 10pm on the Saturday night and stay wherever you are at that point. You cannot then leave this area until 6am on the Sunday morning. The area you are in will be a 300m radius around your position at 10pm. The penalty for leaving this area unless in an emergency is a deduction of 250pts.
• 3.20 If you have an assistant, they can come to you to supply you with food, water and camping equipment but you must not leave the area you are in.
• 3.21 You must not fly between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.
• 3.22 Your instrument must record in UTM, WGS 84 and your track log must not be tampered with. It is up to you whether you carry a backup in case of instrument failure and is entirely your responsibility to supply a complete track.
• 3.23 Points for turn points and for groups of turn points in a particular area, are as listed on the map.
• 3.24 Bonus points for travelling the furthest East, West, North or South are for a point over land, not over any body of water.
• 3.25 You can only get the 175 bonus points for flying to Anglesey once.
• 3.26 You can only get the 150 bonus for a point outside the SSS area once and this must be a point on land also.
• 3.27 There are 250 bonus points for getting all the 3000ft peaks, this can only be claimed once. The 15 peaks are: Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon, Crib Y Ddysgl, Crib Goch, Elidir Fawr, Y Garn, Glyder Fawr, Glyder Fach, Tryfan, Pen yr Ole Wen, Carnedd Dafydd, Carnedd Llewelyn, Yr Elen, Foel Grach, Garnedd Uchaf & Foel Fras.
• 3.28 You only earn points once for turn points regardless of how many times you tag them.
• 3.29 If you do not make it back to the race start by the briefed time on the Sunday, the point where you are at that time will be marked. The straight line distance from the start to this point will be taken and rounded up to the nearest km, this distance multiplied by 50 will then be deducted from your score.
• 3.30 If you do not make it back to HQ by 2 hours after race end on the Sunday evening your race will be forfeit.

• 4 Assistants
• 4.1 The role of the assistant is to assist the competitor, or competitors with logistics, information, strategy and to be a conduit of information to the ED.
• 4.2 Assistants should all have mobile phones. They should stay in contact with their competitor/s as best as they can and be on hand to help or call for assistance should there be a problem.
• 4.3 An assistant cannot swap with another person once the race has started.
• 4.4 An assistant cannot physically assist any competitor with their equipment while they are racing, nor can they assist with transporting them. They cannot carry any of the items that belong to the competitor that are listed in 3.2.

• 5 Cancellation or curtailment
• 5.1 Competitors may withdraw from the race and receive 75% of their entry fee back if they do so up to 60 days before the race. They will receive 50% of their entry fee back if they do so between 60 and 30 days before the race. After this there will be no refunds.
• 5.2 If a pilot wishes to swap their place with another person they can do up to 48hrs before the race as long as the new competitor meets all the race criteria.
• 5.3 If you are unable to attend the race due to situations that are outside of your control, you should contact the ED who will judge your request on its merits. This request must be made a minimum of 7 days before the race.
• 5.4 If the event is cancelled due to ‘an act of god’ or situations out of the organisers control, or because the weather is not suitable on the set dates then there will be no refund.
• 5.5 The organisers have the right to amend and/or change these rules at any point.


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