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Crimp Potgripper

Crimp Potgripper

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The sturdiness of a fixed handle with the flexibility of a traditional pot gripper.

Don’t worry about how to handle a hot pot on backpacking trips. This easy-to-use Crimp Pot Gripper locks into place giving you the stability of a fixed pot handle. It will stay in place until you release it, making cooking safe wherever you are.

To remove, simply release with the push button or use together with other pots or to be stashed away.

Anodized hard aluminium and designed to protect the integrity of the pot, this pot gripper will become an essential tool on any trip.


• Locks safely to the pot making it both easier and safer to cook
• Can be combined with almost any pot
• With one simple push, it releases and can be used for other pots
• Invented in Sweden


• Article number: P740400
• Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium

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