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Coeur Bolt Stainless

Coeur Bolt Stainless

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Stainless steel anchor composed of a COEUR STAINLESS hanger, a bolt, and a nut, and is designed for typical exterior use. It is available in 10 and 12 mm diameters.


• Complete and durable assembly:
- comprised of a COEUR STAINLESS hanger, nut and bolt
- 316L stainless steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion in typical exterior environments
- hanger anti-rotation system: textured back keeps the hanger from turning when the anchor is being installed or when it is heavily laterally loaded during use
• Easy to clip:
- the wide, ergonomic connection point facilitates carabiner clipping
- the width of the attachment point allows installation of two carabiners at the same time
• Reduces wear on carabiners: the thickness of the hanger and the rounded edges of the connection point minimize wear on carabiners
• Available in two bolt sizes (10 or 12 mm)


• Weight: D10 110g, D12 135g
• Diameter: D10 10mm, D12 12mm
• Bolt Length: D10 70mm, D12 85mm
• Shear strength in 50 MPa concrete: 25kN
• Pull-out strength in concrete 50 MPa: D10 15kN, D12 18kN
• Material(s): 316L stainless steel
• Certification(s): EN 959

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