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Caritool Evo

Caritool Evo

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Universal ice screw holder adaptable to any type of harness, for ice climbing or mountaineering.

Compatible with any harness, the CARITOOL EVO is an ice screw holder that’s great for organizing your gear. It’s useful for ice climbing or mountaineering, as an addition to your gear loops. Fixed to the harness waistbelt, it allows you to access, rack, and organize gear with one hand. With the CARITOOL EVO you can easily rack your ice screws, ice axe, or hammer. It’s possible to position more than one CARITOOL EVO on the waistbelt of your harness.


• Easy to install:
- easy to position on the harness waistbelt
- compatible with any type of harness or the waistbelt of a backpack
• Convenient for organizing and handling gear:
- rack or access ice screws, ice axe, or hammer with one hand
- carry up to six ice screws down in the basket, with the ability to move screws up to the notched shelf for easier access to the middle screws
- possible to tether tools using the small hole on the upper shelf
• Allows for a more versatile use of the harness by increasing the capacity to carry gear based on the activity

• This product is not personal protective equipment. It can only hold the weight of equipment (max 5 kg).


• Weight: 40g
• Material(s): stainless steel, glass fibre reinforced plastic, high-modulus polyethylene

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