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Barryvox S

Barryvox S

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With a search strip width of 70 meters, the Barryvox is one of the best devices in the world. Mammut knows that only an avalanche transceiver that is easy to use will save lives in an emergency, so Mammut made fundamental improvements to the user-friendliness of the Barryvox.

The new Barryvox generation continues the faultless reliability that the previous avalanche transceivers were known for. At the same time, Mammut has incorporated some major enhancements in terms of usability and performance. The new Barryvox generation combines a highly powerful search with intuitive handling to help you find buried subjects quickly, easily and reliably.

The new Mammut Barryvox avalanche transceiver not only has one of the largest receiving bandwidths and one of the widest safely usable search strips on the market; where it really stands out is its intuitive operation. Because Mammut knows that you will only be able to make best use of your device in an emergency if you can operate it practically with your eyes closed.


• Type: Digital 3-antenna device
• Display: display with background lighting, very easy to read even when wearing polarized glasses
• Acoustic search guidance: allows the rescuer to visually search the avalanche field
• Reverse direction function: to avoid 180-degree search errors
• Visual interface: shows distance, direction and number of buried subjects
• Design: ergonomic, impact-proof and break-proof. Can be operated while wearing gloves
• Device tests: automatic self-test and function test
• Multiple buried subjects: digital signal processing in the event of several buried subjects
• Auto Revert: Automatic switching from send to search: if a rescuer does not move for 4 minutes
• Rescue SEND: Protective function for non-searching rescuers
• Auto guidance: device continues to guide the rescuer to the buried subject in the event of signal failures or overlaps
• Attachment: includes highly functional Barryvox carrying system
• W-Link: Additional communication channel for improved search performance
• Updatable: Yes software is updatable
• Battery type: Alkaline 3 x AAA 1.5 volt
• Batteries included
• Made in Switzerland
• Warranty: 2-year warranty


• Weight: 210g
• Frequency: 457kHz
• Digital Search Strip: 70m
• Digital Receiving Bandwidth: 70m
• Extended Search Bandwidth: 95m
• Extended Search Bandwidth: 100m
• Longer Battery Life: 350 Hours
• Operating Temp: -25° to +45° Celsius

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