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Baked Apple Porridge

Baked Apple Porridge

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A warming, feel-good breakfast of organic porridge oats. Served with fresh apples, sliced and baked with golden raisins, demerara sugar, lemon, ginger and cinnamon.

Winner of the Taste of the West Award 2020

An apple a day
Our Baked Apple Porridge is as fresh a breakfast as we could find. In each portion, you'll find a whole apple baked with freshly squeezed lemons, warming spices, and sweet golden raisins, all rounded off with dark demerara sugar. A brilliant absorber of flavours, we've taken rolled organic porridge oats and used them to form a deliciously creamy base for our sticky baked apple mix. 


• Ingredients
Fresh apples (46%), Organic porridge oats (36%), Raisins (5%), Demerara sugar (7%), Rye flakes, Lemon juice, Coconut oil, Cinnamon, Salt, Ginger, Nutmeg.

Allergens: Rye flakes.


Nutritional Info: Extra Large (165 g)
• Energy (kcal): 660
• Fat: 11.8g
of which saturates: 2.5g
• Carbohydrate: 123.4g
of which sugars: 52.7g
• Fibre: 12.2g
• Protein: 14.9g
• Salt: 0.5g
• Weight: 165g (extra-large)
• Water usage: 520ml (regular) / 600ml (extra-large)

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