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D-shaped locking carabiner for attaching devices to a harness

The Am’D asymmetrical aluminium carabiner has a D shape best suited for connecting a belay system or for holding gear. The ergonomic shape and Keylock system make it easy to handle, even when wearing gloves. The Am’D carabiner is available in four locking system versions: manual SCREW-LOCK system, or automatic TRIACT-LOCK, BALL-LOCK and TWIST-LOCK systems.


• Capacity and dimensions make it highly functional
• Shape allows it to be loaded on either end (belay systems)
• Carabiner can hold a large quantity of gear
• D shape is easy to grip
• Shape designed to grip with gloves on
• Keylock system helps prevent the carabiner from snagging during use
• SCREW-LOCK: occasional use, dirty environments
• BALL-LOCK: frequent use with practical automatic locking; secure use with triple-action opening
• TWIST-LOCK: specific use when quick opening is key (e.g. at the end of a lanyard) and when connecting a GRIGRI to the harness
• TRIACT-LOCK: automatic locking with triple-action gate opening


• Weight: S-L 70g, B-L, TW-L & TR-L 75g
• Major Axis: 28kN
• Minor Axis: 8kN
• Gate Open: 7kN
• Gate Opening: S-L, B-L & TW-L 25mm, TR-L 24mm
• Material(s): Aluminium
• Certification(s): CE EN 12275, NFPA

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