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Alp Loop

Alp Loop

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A sewn ring made of Ø 8.3 mm dynamic rope, for use on multi-pitch routes and in mountaineering in general.

The ALP LOOP ring, being dynamic, is able to absorb the stresses of a possible fall and is therefore useful for: equalizing anchors on trad routes, as a lanyard for self-belaying when belaying, as a lanyard for abseiling and as a lanyard for natural anchors.

Complies with all the requirements of the UIAA 109 BELAY LANYARD standard. The UIAA 109 standard requires that the rope ring withstands three consecutive falls with a fall factor of 2 and that the maximum force of the first fall is less than 10 kN.


• Diameter: 8.3mm
• Dynamic Rope
• Absorbs stresses of small falls/slips
• Great for equalising anchors


• Breaking Load: 22kN
• Length: 60cm / 70g / Blue
• Length: 120cm / 140g / Red

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