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Accessory Cord

Accessory Cord

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Accessory cords are available in 7 different diameters, ranging from 2-8mm. Each diameter is colour coded for easy identification. Useful for applications from prussik cord to tying a nut key to your harness.


• Listing is for one length, in metres, of the requested quantity
• Each diameter is available in the one colour displayed when selecting


• ⌀2mm: 2.1g/m 0.5kN
• ⌀3mm: 6g/m 2kN
• ⌀4mm: 10g/m 4kN
• ⌀5mm: 15g/m 6kN
• ⌀6mm: 25g/m 8kN
• ⌀7mm: 32g/m 14kN
• ⌀8mm: 41g/m 16kN

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