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Toasted Banana Porridge

Toasted Banana Porridge

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A hearty breakfast of organic porridge oats, served with caramelised banana, coconut, raw cacao nibs and a squeeze of lime juice.

Home-cooked sweet banana porridge

Our Toasted Banana Porridge is inspired by French-Caribbean cooking and has become a Firepot morning favourite. We home-ripen our bananas for maximum flavour, then caramelise them in brown sugar, adding a coating of freshly squeezed lime juice for a subtle edge. We then mix in rye flakes and raw cacao nibs for extra crunch, before stirring in organic porridge oats for a creamy finish.


• Ingredients
Fresh bananas (45%), Organic porridge oats (35%), Desiccated Coconut (7%), Demerara sugar (6%), Lime juice, Rye flakes, Coconut oil, Cacao Nibs (2.5%), Coconut Oil, Lime Zest.

Allergens: Rye flakes.


Nutritional Info: Extra Large (165 g)
• Energy (kcal): 695
• Fat: 22.4g
of which saturates: 13.2g
• Carbohydrate: 108.2g
of which sugars: 44.9g
• Fibre: 14.5g
• Protein: 14.5g
• Salt: 0g
• Weight: 165g (extra-large)
• Water usage: 520ml (regular) / 600ml (extra-large)

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